New Novel Way Of Improving Diabetes Care

New Novel Way Of Improving Diabetes CareDiabetes is a debilitating and difficult condition that affects the wellbeing of millions of people around the world. Improving the care for diabetes patients should be a priority for any doctor or nurse. Fortunately, a new pioneering method has emerged that could educate staff and give extra motivation through the format of a game.

Dr Bradley Eilerman won the $1,000 Innov8 for Health Idea Expo award with his concept of an “educational slot machine” app. The idea gives nurses the opportunity to win time off by answering questions about in-patient diabetes care.

The Winservice app uses the principle of random variable reward to improve the understanding of how to care for people with diabetes. Every time a nurse answered a question right, they would get a random award, such as a minute of time off.

There is a progressive element to the reward, so the time off would increase in different variations. Once a quarter a nurse could even earn a week off. The reward encourages nurses to learn more about diabetes care and how to give the correct doses of insulin.

It is known that insulin orders are frequently questioned in the hospital and that nurses are sometimes uncomfortable giving insulin doses. Educating nurses can improve the health of everyone in the hospital and helps them hold doctors accountable. This naturally improves all forms of diabetes care.

The app promotes both a better understand of the insulin requirements of patients and a healthy working environment. Nurses who receive more time off will feel more rested and ready for work and the element that you can win extra time off is a good incentive to learn.

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