Get Outside And Start Playing With Your Kids With The Purchase Of A Play System

With the advent of video games, cellphones and television, it’s harder than ever to convince your kids to get outside. Unfortunately, the statistics have proved that the rate of obesity is rising for children across North America. There has never been a more important time to encourage your children to get outside and active. Healthy habits are formed in childhood and children usually follow the model of their parents. If you have noticed that stress and busy schedules have impacted your family’s quality of life, exercise can help.

According to a study conducted by the University of Helsinki there is a link between physical activity and stress hormone responses in children. Research has proved that exercise improves your child’s ability to cope with stress and pressure in their lives. When the whole family engages in physical activity, you can all burn off excess energy and anxiety in your lives.

The question is how to coordinate an activity that everyone will enjoy. If you have children of different ages or dispositions, it can be hard to hold their attention. This is why the most efficient option is to turn your backyard into a fun play area. Simply by installing a swingset or a jungle gym, you can encourage hours of healthy activity outdoors. Consider working with a company that can offer you a fully customizable play set with free installation.

Another classic backyard option is an outdoor basketball net. There’s nothing better than shooting a round of hoops before dinner. The best companies offer basketball systems that adjustas your children grow taller. Start them off with a few rounds of non-competitive play and slowly ease them into a full game. With the right attitude, everyone can feel like an athlete.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore the old classic playground games, like the swings and slides. While some people may question whether swinging is considered exercise, studies have proved that it’s a valuable addition. (An article on commented that  for every hour of swinging, you burn 200 calories.) This form of exercise also helps to tone young muscles. While kids used to swing for daily exercise 50 years ago, it’s now considered a thing of the past. Make a point to push your kids on the swings and get outside. Whether you add on an extension to your play set or head to the park, this can become a ritual that you and your children will enjoy.

Remember that if you’re considering investing in a backyard playset, you can always start small and add on it as your children grow. While doing research on the best options for basketball equipment in Canada, consider the homegrown company Play Rainbow. This manufacturer creates safety-proofed nets that grow as your child’s height and skill level increases. You can add a basketball net to your pre-existing play system or create an entire area for the backyard.

In fact, lots of companies will encourage you to fully customize your system with unique accessories. The play manufacturers will be fully safety tested and made of sustainable materials meant for young children to play on. Whether you invest in a full-blown play system or a simple basketball hoop over the garage, you’ll be setting a valuable example for your children to follow. With the right encouragement of healthy activity, you and your kids can come out swinging.

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