What Pregnancy Myths Should You Avoid?

pregnancy mythsBecoming a parent can be both an amazing and a frightening time. If it is your first pregnancy the whole affair can seem very daunting with many things that you don’t really understand. But the worst thing to do is to take on board myths and hearsay. It’s a much better idea to follow sensible medical advice and ignore myths wherever possible. But how do you know what is a myth and what is beneficial? Well, here are a few misunderstandings about pregnancy and childbirth, and some things that you can do instead.

It is sometimes thought that women should avoid their cravings as often as possible to ensure that the unborn child is not subject to too much junk food while in the womb. However, the really important thing is that the mother stays happy and healthy; that will always be best for the child. It’s fine to give in to those temptations once in a while, and anything eaten in moderation that helps keep the mother’s spirits up is a good thing.

On that note it is also a good idea for the mother to stay relatively fit during pregnancy. This might seem like an impossibility, but even getting a little, gentle exercise such as walking can be very beneficial to overall health and wellness. Yoga is another great way to stay in shape while pregnant.

Some soon-to-be mothers also worry a lot about the birth itself. This needn’t be so as doctors and nurses will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. When labour occurs try to remain calm and take deep breaths rather than panicking and screaming. This will make sure that the labour runs easily and no problems will occur.

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