How to Grab Those Early Mornings

sunshineIf you have seen and scowled at films and television shows that show Disney-esque characters jumping out of bed (or, annoyingly, into song), then it may have passed as something of a curiosity. How do they manage it? For night owls and night-walkers alike, the concept of an early morning is as familiar to us as a steak is to a vegetable.

For the early starters in the morning, the ball game is even harder as the snooze button goes and your inner-zombie emerges, hung over from the consistent moonlighting.

So if you have to be an early starter, how can you throw out the night-walking zombie and embrace our overtly cheerful Snow White side?

Grab some Sleep: It’s not as simple as it sounds, but set up a time and the number of hours that you need to sleep. It’s your body’s time to rest and your brain’s moment to grab oxygen – you can’t live without either, so look after it! Whilst there is a lot of information online about sleeping, the recommended time to rest is between roughly 9 p.m and midnight. Depending on your schedule, build up a routine around those times.

Don’t Hit the Snooze Button. Stand up: The inner-zombie comes out when the loud noises happen. One tap on the snooze alarm, roll over. Bang goes your day. Instead, put your alarm clock away from you – stick it on the other side of the room if you can to encourage you to pull yourself out of bed and onto your feet. Don’t delay what is inevitable.

Pick Out a Motivating Sound for Your Alarm: Your day doesn’t have to be greeted by the inane sound of beeping. Let it be a sound that you will enjoy, something that will motivate you, whether it’s a pleasant sound, your favourite music or hey, just the radio. Wake yourself up with something that you like, rather than hate.

The Power of Gratitude: When your feet settle on the floor, think of what you’re grateful for. It could be something simple, to something profound – switch your attitude from resentment to content in one fell swoop.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To: Whilst it’s true that your day can’t be made out of champagne and red carpets, there will always be something in your day that can make you smile. Maybe it’s that long-planned date or something that you’re planning to buy – maybe it’s that film that you’ve always wanted to see. Either way, make it something to work towards and energise you – it’s going to make you happy!

Plan Your Clothes Before Bedtime: Being prepared always leads to confidence and comfort. There’s nothing worse than tumbling into a closet looking for a missing sock.

Have a Routine: Structure your mornings to reduce stress. Think of what you need to do the day before. You’ll be out of the door, ready and prepared before you’ve even realised.

Drishti: In Yoga, the term “drishti” means “eyes at one point”. Use your gaze to keep yourself calm and focused, without attempting to multitask. More haste, less speed.

Whilst in reality, these tips may not be your goblet of earl grey, you can definitely attune them to your lifestyle or situation. The simplest actions tend to be the most effective – and whilst they seem troublesome initially, it becomes surprisingly easy. Give it a try – you might surprise the dreaded inner-zombie or more importantly, yourself.

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