Identifying a good medical marijuana specialist

With the increased awareness of the effectiveness of medical marijuana across the country, and the windfall that some people believe they will have, there has been an avalanche of marijuana card registration services all claiming to be legit. This is a matter of great consternation for many patients in chronic pain who do not know how to distinguish between a bona fide practitioner and one who is not. 

How to tell the difference between the real practitioners and the pretenders need not be a heart breaking process. You will only need to dig deeper and do some due diligence to avoid landing in unlicensed clinics. Here is a short list of what you should look out for.

The very first thing you need to do when trying to identify a bona fide medical marijuana specialist is to verify if he is operating within the law. All marijuana card registration services must have a license to operate. Ask for the license number of the clinics you have shortlisted and confirm the same with the state registry. 

The doctors
You do not want to place your life in the hands of a person who is learning about or experimenting with medical marijuana. You need to ask for the names of the doctors working for medical marijuana companies or clinics and their degrees. You will then confirm these with the colleges they attended before seeking help from them.

The outcome of medical marijuana therapy is what determines whether you get relief or you do not. A good way to find a good specialist is to ask around from your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances for referrals. This will help you know the places where others have received good services and where the services were disappointing.  

Study online reviews
One good thing about the internet is that a lot of information is available on demand. Get online and read what other people experienced at various dispensaries and the outcome of the treatment they received. Too many negative comments on a certain dispensary should raise a red flag and it is better if you skipped it altogether. 

Price comparisons
There are some medical marijuana dispensaries and companies out to make big profits from patients with serious conditions. What you will need to do is to make a detailed price comparison. You can even call to confirm that there are no hidden costs over and above the prices that are quoted. 

Illegal practices
Good medical marijuana establishments are professional in all their dealings. A good way to test their integrity is to ask if there is a likelihood of getting a little more than is allowed by state law. If the answer is not a definite ‘No’, they could be bending the law and that is a place you will need to avoid at all costs.

The deeper you dig for the best medical marijuana specialists, the easier it will be for you to find the right one for your source of relief. 


Author Bio:

Jan Hoffmann is a medical marijuana specialist in Colorado. He will provide all necessary information on Rocky Mountain remedies when contacted. 


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