Hooked on Uppers: How Methamphetamine Ruins Your Body

Perhaps you have a loved one or acquaintance who struggles with a methamphetamine addiction. Or maybe you struggle with this substance yourself. In any case, someone in your life faces a difficult challenge. Methamphetamine has seriously adverse effects on the body, and it could land its users in legal trouble as well.

The information below outlines the short-term, long-term, and legal consequences of methamphetamine use. Keep this information in mind so you can help yourself or someone you love.

The Short-Term Physical Effects of Meth Use
Methamphetamine starts causing permanent damage the moment it enters the body. However, it doesn’t have a dramatic effect right away—other than the euphoric high it creates.

But you will notice a few of these other effects the first time you or your friend or family member use meth:

– Loss of or change in appetite

– Feelings of nausea

– Increase in heart rate and blood pressure

– Increase in body temperature, or hyperthermia

– Significant pupil dilation

– Difficulty sleeping or change in sleeping patterns

– Bizarre or violent behavior, especially while high

– Hallucinations, both small or significant

– Hyperactivity

– Panic attacks and paranoia

– Convulsions and seizures (but only after taking high doses)

Methamphetamine users also go through stages after they dose, and one of the most notable stages is the tweaking stage. During the tweaking stage, users lose their sense of identity. They also feel compulsively itchy, and some feel as if they have bugs crawling under their skin. These sensations lead to repetitive scratching. And the tweaking stage only becomes worse as the addiction progresses.

The Long-Term Physical Effects of Meth Use
As mentioned above, methamphetamines cause permanent damage as soon as they get into the lungs or the bloodstream. As that damage spreads, it causes more serious problems than those outlined above. Long-term methamphetamine use instigates:

– Apathy toward hygiene, food, sleep, people, and other aspects of life

– Damaged blood vessels in the heart and brain that could cause heart attack or stoke

– Brain damage, much like a stroke

– Tissue damage in the liver, kidneys, and lungs

– Nose and throat tissue damage if the drug is inhaled

– Malnutrition from severe lack of appetite

– Tooth decay

– Disorientation

– Disorientation, psychosis, and hallucinations

– Strong psychological dependence

– Depression

Methamphetamines do not have a forgiving effect on the body. Nor will they boost a person’s legal or social standing. So if you or someone you love suffers from an addiction to this substance, you need to get assistance from someone who can help you break away from this dependence.

The Legal Consequences of Meth Use
Every state in the country has laws against the sale and possession of methamphetamines. If you or a family member faces any of these charges, you need legal assistance so you can overcome this hurdle and begin healing. Research defense lawyers like those with Suhre & Associates or a firm in your area so you have guidance and support throughout this difficult process.

Many people despair over the terrifying strength of a methamphetamine addiction, but there is hope. If you or someone close to you is struggling with meth use, consider professional services in the form of addiction clinics, therapists, and health professionals.


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