6 Surprising Foods and Beverages That are Damaging Your Teeth

Keeping your mouth and pearly whites healthy takes a little extra attention beyond the routine of brushing and flossing; sometimes what you eat or drink can cause problems. Here are some surprisingly damaging foods and beverages.

As we age, our teeth can become yellowed and stained. Coffee and tea, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, curry and berries pack a high stain potential.

Acid Erosion
Any food or drink that is high in acid is very tough on your tooth enamel. Citrus foods, orange juice and soft drinks really do a number on your teeth; lemons and limes are the worst of the bunch. Pickled foods contain vinegar, which can soften and erode your teeth.

Hard Stuff
Nuts like almonds, hard candies and ice cubes can damage your teeth. Chomp down on one of these foods and you could easily chip or even break a tooth. If you have large fillings, the shell of the tooth surrounding the filling may be a weak spot that fractures under the stress of biting a hard food.

Dried fruit sounds like the ideal snack; high in vitamins and some minerals, easy to carry in a purse or pocket and very tasty. However, it’s a very concentrated source of sugar, precisely because it has been dried. It’s sticky and clings to the teeth. The combination traps bacteria on your teeth and provides a breeding ground for tooth decay.

Too Much Starch
Starchy foods like potato chips and crackers leave a lot of that starch on your teeth, especially in the spaces between the teeth. Since people rarely floss immediately after eating them, these little morsels are often in contact with the teeth for several hours, leaving a sticky film right next to the gum line.

Nightcap Nightmares
That evening libation can cause dental problems. Alcohol increases the risk of dehydration and dry mouth. Both red and white wine are also high in tannins and acid.

Straighten Up
In addition to keeping your teeth white and healthy, don’t forget that straight teeth can really improve your smile. Braces aren’t just for kids these days, as even adults can benefit from orthodontia from places like the Art Dentistry Institute.

You can help your oral health by avoiding the worst offenders, like sugary or sticky foods. Brush or at least rinse your mouth with water immediately after eating. Brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist twice a year for cleaning and a checkup.


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