3 Benefits of having a Doctor-Patient Connection Year Round

According to the Jama Internal Medicine Network, approximately 44 million Americans have a yearly physical done, with many of these people staying in contact with their primary physician other times throughout the year. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with your doctor can be very beneficial. It is reported that seven out of ten deaths are caused by chronic medical conditions. These conditions could have been better managed, so that symptoms were discovered early enough to receive treatment.

Most major medical insurance companies provide at least one yearly physical at no charge while others allow for two physicals per year. Having a doctor-patient connection year round can make a big difference in how a person feels physically and mentally. They also have a better prognosis overall. Three benefits of having a doctor-patient connection year round includes:

Your Medical Professional will know you Better
If you see your primary physician on a regular basis your doctor will get to know you. Not only on a physical basis will this occur, but also they get to know you personally. Your doctor may be able to understand a symptom you are complaining about if they know you have been under a lot of stress lately, or if they know one of your immediately family members dealt with a chronic condition. If you switch doctors frequently or do not see them on a regular basis, this can be difficult for your doctor to get to know you well.

You will have Baseline Data
When you regularly go into a medical office, there is data that is routinely collected. This can include your blood pressure, heart rate, respirations per minute and even an EKG of the heart. If you were to go in for a routine visit and your doctor noticed a change in your data, this could indicate an early problem before you could even be symptomatic. Without regular data, your doctor might miss something.

Patient Convenience
There are online portals now that allow you to message your doctor directly or you can remain in contact with your doctor’s staff. This is convenient because you can refill your prescriptions, ask a quick question, or update your doctor about your current health issue without having to head in to the office. There are revolutionary services such as Solutionreach, which provide a convenient way for medical professionals to communicate with their patients. Especially in the winter months, doctor’s offices can become a pretty germy place. It is sometimes best to stay out of these areas if you are well. Also, if your doctor knows you and you are in frequent contact with them, you can often receive information over the phone rather than having to pay a co-pay or traveling to the office.

Staying in contact with your doctor year round can be beneficial for your health and be detrimental to your health and well-being. It is important to find a doctor you trust and to build that relationship over time.


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