Hurt on Your Flight? 5 Steps of Action You Should Take

While traveling on a plane, there is often much more to worry about than lost luggage or a missed flight. A significant amount of injuries are known to take place on airplanes due to luggage that falls down or pilots who fail to warn passengers of turbulence. To prepare for the worst if you become hurt on your flight, there are a few steps to take following the incident.

Ask for a First Aid Kit
Whether you’re bleeding or have pain on a specific area of your body, you should ask a flight attendant for a first aid kit immediately. You’ll be able to temporarily treat the area before landing while alleviating any pain that you’re experiencing.

Be Seen By Your Doctor
After you land, it’s important to be seen by a professional who can evaluate your injury and determine if you need to be treated. The physician will also be able to perform x-rays or CT scans to determine if there’s other damage that occurred.

Document the Incident
To protect yourself, it’s important to document the incident after it occurs. Write down the time that you were injured and exactly what happened while you were on the airplane. It’s also important to document the names and descriptions of other parties who were involved.

Inform the Pilot
If your injury is serious enough, the pilot may need to be informed by a flight attendant of the injury to determine if an emergency landing is necessary. This can help you to receive immediate help and can even save your life, making it important to ask for assistance.

Consult with an Airplane Injury Lawyer
If you’ve been injured on a flight, it’s important to protect yourself by seeking the services of an injury lawyer Attorney Ramzy Ladah is an example of an attorney that specializes in airplane injuries. The professional will be able to inform you of your rights and options while evaluating the case. You’ll be able to determine if you have a claim and can begin the necessary action to move forward if your injury is at the fault of another individual.

After you board a flight, it’s important to know what action to take if you become injured. Injuries that are not reported can lead to serious problems and can be at the expense of the victim. By protecting yourself and taking the right steps, it can allow you to regain your health and seek the necessary compensation for your pain.


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