7 Things Everyone Should do During their Recovery from a Car Accident

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in an auto accident, read ahead for a look at seven tips you should keep in mind during your recovery.

1. Be Honest with Your Doctor
One of the worst mistakes that a victim can make is being dishonest with their doctor or downplaying their injuries. The information that your doctor records about your injuries could be vital to your case in the future.

2. Follow All of Your Doctor’s Advice
Many patients do not realize that they might have to shoulder almost all of the responsibility for their injuries if they do not listen to their doctor’s advice. You should make a point of following all instructions including scheduling checkups as they are needed.

3. Contact an Attorney
Once you or a loved one is able to do so, you should contact an attorney from a firm such as CPR Law to discuss your legal options. It is especially important to speak with an attorney before accepting any money or signing any papers from insurance providers or another party’s legal representative.

4. Seek Out a Second Medical Opinion
In some instances, it might be suggested that you speak with a second doctor. This step is not always necessary, but a second opinion might be important for any injuries that are more severe such as a traumatic brain injuries.

5. Keep Your Medical Records to Yourself
Anyone that has been injured in an accident must speak with their attorney before speaking with any other parties about their injuries or diagnosis. This includes speaking with family members, friends, or posting information on social media sites. Even telling others what you believe is correct information could damage your case.

6. Cooperate With the Police
Most victims realize that they must cooperate with the police, but they do not need to talk about anything more than the basics of the accident. Police reports are almost always collected to build a case for both sides.

7. Record All Treatments
Modern medical records are typically comprehensive and secure, but it is never a bad idea to take some time and write down everything that you experience. This should include days you have missed from work, how you feel each day, and what medication you are taking.

By following all of your doctor’s orders and immediately contacting an attorney, victims will give themselves the best shot at a quick recovery and fair compensation.


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