Six of the Most Common Auto Accident Injuries and How to Recover Quickly

A car accident can lead to a number of different injuries depending on the circumstances. Some are minor while others can alter your life forever. Here are six of the most common auto accident injuries and how to recover quickly.

The impact of a car that violently throws a person forward, back or both is a big reason that concussions are a common injury after an auto accident. Concussions can be very dangerous since the brain swells due to the harsh impact. The best form of recovery is complete rest with minimal movements until the swelling has subsided.

Broken Bones
The compact shape of a car interior and the force involved in an accident commonly leads to broken bones. Your bones could break because of the force of the impact. They could also break after being wedged and moved between pieces of the car interior. Recovering fast means keeping the broken bone immobile and avoiding stressful physical activities.

Neck and Spinal Injuries
The neck and back are both very vulnerable to damage from a car accident. Disc injuries can potentially lead to paralysis or chronic pain. This is why it is important to talk to a lawyer after any car accident just in case a neck or spinal injury causes problems. For example, if you are injured in Milwaukee, getting in contact with a lawyer from Groth Law would be a smart route to go, especially after a neck or spinal injury. Quick recovery requires regular doctor visits, wearing restrictive braces and laying immobile as much as possible.

Facial Injuries
Facial injuries are common in vehicle accidents as the driver is thrown forward into a steering wheel or the windshield. Flying debris can also lead to scarring, eye damage or mouth damage. The only way to recover quickly is to tend to the wounds as instructed by a doctor until everything heals.

Severe Cuts and Lacerations
Debris, sharp metal in the car and broken glass can all cause severe cuts and lacerations around the entire body. These could result in extreme blood loss, severed tendons and damage to internal organs. Recovery is simple and requires keeping the wound clean, changing bandages regularly and resting the area whenever possible.

Head and Traumatic Brain Injuries
Head and traumatic brain injuries are common with serious car accidents. These injuries can lead to permanent brain damage, loss of normal functioning and psychological conditions. Recovering quickly usually involves listening to your doctor, resting and potentially going through rehabilitative therapy.

Never walk away from a serious car accident without being checked by a medical professional first. Some injuries are hard to detect or could take days to appear. Always be cautious on the roads and remember to seek help immediately if you are involved in an accident.


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