Autism Vaccination Scare Put Aside

A growing concern about American vaccines causing a severe rise in autism was addressed by U.S health officials.

Through an analysis of 1,000 toddlers, there was found to be no difference between those that developed normally to those who developed autism. The findings, published by the Journal of Pediatrics suggests that the average 2-year-old should have up to 10 jabs in order to protect themselves against such diseases such as rubella, measles and mumps.

Alongside the vaccines, the aforementioned illnesses were also thought to individually cause autism, following parental concerns that children were being given too many vaccines as toddlers, some of which were administered at the same time. Overall, there were concerns that this was unsafe. As a result, parents delay or even refuse the vaccinations out of fears for their child’s mental health.

“This is a very important and reassuring study,” said Geri Dawson according to NewsMaxHealth; Dawson is the chief scientific officer of Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization. She wasn’t involved in the study. “It’s going to be very helpful in addressing some of the concerns parents have had about vaccination schedules.”

The research concluded that 256 of the children had autism, whilst 752 did not; there were no differences in the vaccinations that the children were exposed to in their first years.

When you are injected, you receive antigens – dead forms of the virus. When this happens, your body creates antibodies, which defend your body from the virus. Should you ever get a live version of the illness, then the body knows how to defend itself.

The concerns are due to the antigens that are being injected too quickly into the body and harming children’s growth however, if the discovery is correct, then the administration of antigens is not the cause of autism. The reason that concerns are raised is because of the symptoms that develop during the toddler’s growth. As such, there is particular scrutiny as to the causes. The research proves that it is not the vaccines that are at fault.

Vaccinations are a necessity. By protecting your child from serious diseases, there will be far less to worry about than premature deaths and unwanted illnesses. The only issue is the timing.

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