Trouble at the School Gates

If you have school-age children, standing at the school gates will be a familiar activity. And waiting for your kids to come out of school can be a perfect time to bond with other parents. Having children of a similar age is a great way to find common ground with people who could become close friends. But what happens when you don’t get on well with the other parents? 

Here are our tips for managing relationships with other parents at school:

Don’t Argue
If there is a particular parent you really don’t like, try to avoid standing near them at school pick-up time. Above all, don’t engage in heated discussions in ear shot of your children. Kids always pick up on confrontation and your words and actions will rub off on them. 

Don’t Fight your Children’s Battles
Quite often, the reason parents don’t get on is because one parent believes another child is bullying their own child. If you suspect your child is being bullied – or is a bully themselves, raise it with the school rather than trying to sort it out directly with another parent. The school will have their own policies for dealing with conflict between children and will be better equipped to resolve any issues.

Be Kind
It’s easy for cliques to form at the school gates. But try to avoid always talking to the same people. Take the time to ask the quieter parent how they are. By forming good relationships with all your fellow parents, you will create a stronger community for the children too.

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