How Yoga and Panchakarma Can Give You Inner-Peace

We have all heard of the idea of medical schools, but for a course based in California, something new has recently shifted its way into the scope of medicine. Established in 1995, The Ayuvedic Training School, known for its practice in massage and body therapy, is a training programme for students who are studying the arts of panchakarma, who want to delve a little deeper into the ways of bodily, mental and spiritual stimulation.

Panchakarma, also known as “five actions”, is a holistic cleansing and rejuvenating program that reverses the negative effects of daily life. Furthermore, it attempts to act as a mental and physical detox that leaks away potential causes of stress and chronic diseases later in life. Overall, it acts like a lubricant for bodily functionality. It is apparently one of the few treatments that cover the levels of mind, body and consciousness that approaches the individual in a unique method, of which is tailored specifically for their own, personal treatment.

Ayurveda takes this one step forward and partners itself alongside traditional methods such as Yoga. Yoga provides an equal balance of deep-mind relaxation whilst providing an excellent foundation for physical exercise. The hands-on lesson teaches and enhances the use of techniques such as abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage), shirodara, svedana (herbal steam treatment), basti (enema) and nasya treatments as well as discuss issues related to the daily practice of panchakarma.

Supposedly, this natural, safe technique is entirely under the patient’s control, whether it is a lifestyle adjustment, a type of healing process or a new method in Yoga.

It advertises a complete state of well-being, with vitality and mental clarity at your every whim. The advanced, 45-hour panchakarma program is a lasting experience, with the extra session behaving as a complimentary add-on in order to enhance the healing process to cope with the stresses and anxieties of daily life.

The only side-effects, they reassure, will be positive ones.

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