How to Beat Stress with these Easy Solutions

We lead busy lives these days, with worries about bills and juggling work and social lives. All of this worry and anxiety builds up to leave us feeling incredibly stressed, which can have a negative impact on our health in a number of ways. Chronic stress has been connected to a host of physical and emotional concerns, and it’s thought that women have stronger stress reactions than men. So, how do you combat this condition? Here are some of the common symptoms of stress and ways in which you can deal with it.



Researchers believe that stress-inducted fluctuations in neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, can create pain pathways in the brain which lead to headaches. You can deal with this by allowing yourself ten minutes each day of mindful relaxation, such as deep breathing or meditation. This can relax the muscle tension that can lead to a headache. It also helps to reduce your blood pressure and improve your sense of wellbeing.



Many people notice that their skin condition decreases when they get stressed, resulting in spots and excess oil. Drinking hot water with lemon, a Chinese tradition, can help to detoxify the skin and reduce the risk of breakouts. You can also try dry body brushing, which improves circulation and can be calming.


Stiff neck

Sitting in an office chair all day can wreak havoc on your neck and back, leading to stiff and sore mucles. Massage is the key treatment for this, helping to relax the muscles and calm you down. You can also try a spot of hydrotherapy by sitting in the bathtub in as cold water as you can tolerate, slowly warming up the water – you may find it easier to alternate between warm and cold water in the shower, where you can target the stress points on your neck.



Extreme tiredness or fatigue can impact your daily routine, making you stressed, anxious and lead to memory problems. One anti-insomnia technique is progressive muscle relaxation, which involves you tightening the muscles in your toes, holding for five seconds and then releasing. Slowly work your way through your muscle groups, doing the same technique, breathing calmly all the while.



Cramping or a lack of periods can be linked to stress, so you may find acupuncture useful when combating this problem. It’s thought to help unblock certain energy pathways to improve your menstrual cycle and even improve pregnancy and birth rates in women who are having in vitro fertilisation.

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