5 tips to avoid coming on too strong

You have a crush on someone, and then, magically, things fell into place, you were introduced to him and viola, hit it off with him. Your joy knows no bounds, and you think you’re going to rock this relationship. Right? Well, perhaps you will, but you have to be careful that you are not overly eager in dealing with the relationship early on into it.

Don’t be omnipresent

While omnipresent denotes a positive shade emotion, in such cases, it would take only a little time before you start coming across as overbearing. Also, you will look too desperate if you are texting and calling him all the time! Take a chill pill and play it cool, he is not running away anywhere.

Try not to expect too much

If you don’t want him to freak you out with his possessive behavoiur, please extend the same courtesy to him. Stop pestering him to meet you all the time, and keep questioning him regarding what he was doing at what time. If you feel like monopolising his time, occupy yourself with something else and give him some space. Checking on him on social media, seeing when he was last online, and questioning him about it is a complete no.

Stop being too available

Yes, this could be detrimental too! If you want any person to value you and your time and not take you for granted, don’t drop everything for that person and present yourself as ready for everything. State your preferences and choices from the beginning, don’t just try to adapt to his likes and dislikes just because. At the end of the day there are two people in the relationship and both should have a say. Don’t stop focusing on your own life!

Avoid ultimatums

It is never a good idea to threaten someone with consequences and deadlines. You are new to a relationship, take it as it comes. You shouldn’t be telling any person that he can’t go out on a trip with his buddies because it doesn’t include you. Or, you can’t be comparing and telling him that just because he has gone out drinking with his friends and colleagues three time in a particular month, he has to take you out that many times to similar venues.

Don’t invite yourself to his outings

Once you have had your time with him, it is necessary for you and him to go back to your individual lives. If he has to go to a meeting or an event, don’t ask if you can tag along and wait for him until he finishes. Don’t pop this question even for hanging out with his friends. He needs his privacy. Lingering can be annoying after a point.

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