Why Marriage? Health Benefits of the Ultimate Commitment

Getting married is the perfect way to symbolise your commitment to another person, and it also includes a long list of financial and health benefits. For example, most married couples are able to take advantage of tax breaks, and research has proven that marriage can extend each person’s life expectancy. When you consider the fact that these benefits are attached to a socially and legally recognised commitment that celebrates your love, it is no wonder that people around the world are standing up for marriage equality. After all, the health and financial benefits apply to all legally married couples.  

The Health Benefits of Marriage

As previously mentioned, people who are married tend to live longer. In fact, research indicates that married men are three times more likely to live past their mid-50s, and there are also several other health benefits.

1. A Happy Marriage will Lower Your Blood Pressure – As long as your marriage is relatively happy, you are most likely going to have lower blood pressure than your single friends. This will reduce your risk of developing heart disease, so getting married to someone whom you truly love is definitely a good way to protect your health.

2. Your Cancer Survival Rate will Improve – Sadly, there is no definitive way to avoid all types of cancer. However, research indicates that people who are in a happy marriage have at least an 8 percent higher chance of successfully beating cancer. This is most likely caused by the fact that a married person has a better emotional support system in place to help them while they are battling the disease.

3. You are Less Likely to become Depressed – Several mental health studies have discovered that men who are not married are nine times more likely to suffer from major depression. The difference is not as extreme for women, but a happy marriage does help the mental health of both genders.

4. Increased Immunity – One of the major factors that impact your immunity level is the amount of stress hormones that are coursing through your body. In other words, happily married couples are less likely to get sick because they face less stress on a daily basis.

5. Reduced Risk of Substance Abuse – Although anyone can get addicted to alcohol or drugs, your odds of avoiding substance abuse will increase if you get married. This is due to the fact that most married people indulge in controlled and recreational substances with less frequency than their single friends.

As you can see, being in a happy marriage is definitely a good way to improve your overall health. If you have been considering asking someone to marry you, it is a good idea to start the marriage off on the right foot financially by looking for a ring online. Stores like Icing on the Ring offer online financing on quality engagement and wedding rings. After all, financial issues are one of the main reasons that marriages do not succeed, and online jewelers are able to offer high quality engagement rings at a reduced price.

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