Home After a C-Section: How To Take Care of Baby and You

As much as you may want a vaginal delivery, it may be necessary for you to have a cesarean section when you give birth to your baby. While cesarean sections are performed frequently in most hospitals, this procedure is still considered to be major surgery, and you must take special care of yourself after you are released and sent home from the hospital. It is imperative that you follow your doctor’s orders if you want to avoid complications from your surgery. Because you must still be able to take care of your infant, you can take of your new little one, as well as yourself, if you take several precautions into consideration.

Leave the Housework

You may be tempted to resume your normal household duties once you arrive home from the hospital. However, you should let your husband and your extended family take care of the regular household chores while you rest and recuperate. Under no circumstances should you be lifting, bending, or climbing stairs after you have a cesarean delivery. Let your family take care of you while you take care of your baby. Do not feel guilty about lounging on the couch or resting in a recliner. Focus on healing and taking care of your infant, and leave the rest of the chores to others.

Invest in a Useful Play Yard

While you may love holding your newborn, you should also try to rest while he or she is napping. Having a baby play yard close to your recliner or sofa where you are resting can help you stay close to your baby while getting much needed rest for yourself. It might not be practical to keep the baby’s crib in the living room or family room where you are resting. Having a play yard close to you can let you feel close to your baby while being able to take a nap yourself.

Use Support Pillows for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding after a cesarean delivery can be painful. Your stomach may not tolerate the baby’s weight being placed on it. You also might not have the arm strength to hold your baby while you nurse. You can successfully breastfeed after a c-section, however, when you use support pillows. Placing your baby on a support pillow that wraps around your body can help you nurse while keeping your baby’s weight off your stitches.

Do Not Feel Guilty about Bottle Feeding

Sometimes it is not possible for mothers to breastfeed after a c-section. If you must switch to bottle feeding, you should avoid feeling guilty or like you failed. Taking strong painkillers or antidepressants can make it necessary for you to switch to bottle feeding. If your doctor or pediatrician recommends that you use formula, you should recognize that this recommendation is the best option for both you and your newborn.

Taking care of yourself after a cesarean delivery should be one of your two main priorities after you are sent home from the hospital. Following several important suggestions can ensure that you recuperate and can take care of your newborn.

Melanie Fleury is the proud mother of four wonderful babies. Just as every birth experience is unique, so is every baby. The baby play yard collection made by Kids II offers a great way to keep your baby close to you while you heal from your c-section.

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