5 Tips for Helping Your Children Cope

When you have been hurt in an accident, you may be so overwhelmed with your pain and emotional distress that you forget about your children’s reaction to your circumstances. As Tenn And Tenn, P.A. attorneys offer online, a serious injury can be both physically, emotionally, and financially devastating. However, while you may be trying to figure out how you are going to return to work and pay for your medical bills, your children might be preoccupied with your recovery and whether or not you will survive your injury. Because your children may not have the maturity or the objectivity to remain calm after your accident, you can follow several suggestions to reassure your family about your injury.


Promise the Future

Your kids may be primarily concerned with whether or not you will survive your injury. You can help calm them down and give them something to look forward to by promising them that you will not die from your injury and that you simply need time to rest and recuperate. Giving your kids this reassurance can help them continue with their own lives and look forward to the day that you return to your normal parental duties.


Calm their Anger

Your children may be very angry about your being hurt. They might feel like they should have done something to help or warn you prior to your accident. They may also blame themselves that you had to go to work or leave the house the day the accident occurred. Even so, you can reassure them that none of your accident’s circumstances had anything to do with them, and that nothing they could have done could have prevented the accident from taking place.


Give Them Updates

While you do not have to tell them every single detail about your injury case, you could keep your kids calm by giving them general updates about the circumstances. If they have specific questions about whether or not you plan to go to court over the matter, you could tell them basic facts and promise them that the case is still ongoing.


Reassurance about Money Concerns

As young as your kids may be, they probably will be aware of your family’s impending financial troubles because of your accident and injury. They might worry about your family losing your home, not being able to afford groceries, or having to sacrifice fun like field trips and going to the movies.


While you may not be able to promise that your family will not experience some financial difficulties, you can reassure them that you are doing everything in your power to address these challenges. They might be calmed if they know that their parents are working to curb any impending financial disasters.


Have an Attorney Advocate for You

Calming your children can also be as simple as telling them that you have an attorney who is helping you seek justice and closure for your accident. Even young children understand that lawyers are very competent professionals who can help people who would otherwise be powerless to help themselves.


Letting your children know that your lawyer is working to help you and your family regain your lives could provide the reassurance they need to go on enjoying school, their friends, and being children in general.


Children can pick up on your stress and worry after you have been injured in an accident. You can help them stay calm and be confident in your family’s future by taking several suggestions under advisement. These strategies can keep them calm and help you focus on your legal case and your recovery.

Melanie Fleury has experienced the chaos that a serious accident can cause. She has learned that consulting a lawyer like the ones at Tenn And Tenn, P.A., can help to relieve the stress of knowing what to do after an accident. With an attorney dealing with the legal and financial aspects, she was able to deal with emotionally and physically caring for her children who were involved in the accident.

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