The Value of Play: Why Toys are Important for Development

Everyone knows that young children love to play with toys, but it is important to note that encouraging this activity can actually have a positive impact on your child’s physical, mental and emotional development. In fact, many psychologists believe that playing is a child’s version of going to work, and they need to have scheduled and unscheduled time to utilize their toys. However, this does not mean that you need to purchase every new item that comes out for your child’s age group. Instead, you should focus on providing them with a nice mixture of classic and modern selections to choose from.


How do Toys Help a Child’s Development?


1. Imagination – Developing a strong imagination is healthy, and most toddlers build this portion of their personality by creating imaginary scenarios with their toys. Although it is natural that people will grow up to have a wide variety of different creativity levels, you can help your child develop a stronger interest in everything from writing to problem solving by giving them the opportunity to use their imagination on a regular basis.


2. Physical Development – Your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and physical strength can be greatly impacted by the amount of time that they spend playing. After all, if they begin playing with building blocks at a young age, they will be forced to develop the ability to grasp items and stack them accordingly. This can also help them with the development of problem solving skills because they will need to be able to figure out why some stacks of blocks fall down.


3. Emotional Development – Many toddlers use their toys to explore their early emotions, and they also mimic what they see around them. For example, a three-year-old girl might become attached to her favorite baby doll and try to take care of it with regular feedings and diaper changes. This is a healthy usage of playtime that will give her the opportunity to explore her own emotional responses to situations that she has experienced in her own life.


4. Mental Development – Playing with toys is important for a child’s imagination, and it also provides important benefits that will help them with the rest of their mental development. For example, toys are often the earliest introduction that a child has to various colors, and exposure to a wide variety of colors at a young age helps the brain form important neuron connections. Additionally, most toddlers will use their toys to help them learn about everything from counting to what happens when they throw something against a wall.


Ultimately, the duration and quality of your toddler’s playtime will have a big impact on who they become as an adult. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide them with a mixture of toys that will provide them with the opportunity to learn and to be silly. After all, it is important to develop mentally, emotionally and physically, and your child also needs to learn the value of everything from working to having a good time.


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