Teens and Drinking: How To Talk To Your Child

Talking to your teenager about anything can be difficult, especially when it is about a touchy subject like peer pressure and underage drinking. Teens are in such a difficult position in their lives. They are trying so hard to become adults that listening to their parents seems like the wrong thing to do, yet they know they need their parent’s guidance to grow.


Your teen will most likely sit and roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders and act like what you are saying doesn’t matter when you bring up underage drinking. The truth is, under all of that acting they are really listening to you. The fact that you are talking to them about this issue gives them the knowledge that you still love and care for them. Many teens feel that parents stop caring once they reach a certain age.


You might not be able to get an open discussion going with your teen, but you should voice your opinions nonetheless. Do not go into attack mode when discussing alcohol and peer pressure, they will tune you out. Instead, approach the subject matter-of-factly and drive home the points of your message.


Points To Bring Up About Drinking


• Drinking Makes You Irresponsible. Let your teen know that more bad decisions are made when you are drunk than are ever made when sober. Let them know that as a teen, parents are looking for them to make good decisions so that they can be trusted with more responsibilities and rewards. Let them know that these decisions can impact their entire future.
• DUI Is A Serious Crime. Tell your teen about how serious a charge DUI is and how it can change their whole future. Let them know that a DUI conviction can prevent them from attending a college of their choice, from being hired at a company they desire, and will cause them financial distress. Let them know that they will lose their right to drive and may face time in juvenile detention if convicted.
• Friends Who Drink Are Not Friends. Let them know that if their friends are drinking, they are not their true friends, especially if they are pressuring them to drink. Remind them that underage drinking is against the law, and if you decide to break one law how many more will you decide to break?
• No Questions Asked. Tell your teen if they find themselves in a position where everyone else is drinking and they need a way home, you will come get them with no questions asked. Make sure you tell your teen how important it is not to get into a car with someone that has been drinking, and that you love them more than anything and want them to come home alive. Tell them you will come get them regardless of time and place. Let them know that they can rely on you, without getting in trouble, for making the right choice and not drinking.


Talking to your teen can be difficult, but it will make a wonderful difference in their lives. Whether or not they show that they are listening, they are, and what you say really matters.

From talking herself to death to banging her head against the wall, Melanie Fleury knows that sometimes nothing you say will stop your kids from making a horrible mistake. Underage drinking and the laws surrounding it are so complex that it can be hard to navigate on your own. If your child is charged with a DUI or does something while underaged and drinking, hiring an experienced attorney like Steve E. Kellis at http://www.kellislaw.com/ can ensure that your child’s rights are fought for and that all possibilities of dismissing the charges are explored.

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