Doctor’s Orders: How Marriage Makes You Healthier

Marriage changes your whole life. From the daily challenges of living your life together and maintaining a great relationship to starting a family and beyond, tying the not can be a roller coaster of emotions, financial implications and other assorted tests. However, those who are married also enjoy certain benefits that their single friends don’t, particularly when it comes to their health.



There are a whole host of health benefits that, according to research, seem to be prevalent among married couples. One great thing is that an engagement ring can be a good investment. For more information on that aspect specifically, search L.A. jewelry district online. Marriage gives long lasting benefits ranging from disease prevention to a more positive mental outlook. It would seem that getting hitched just might be one of the best things you could do for your well-being. Here’s a few benefits it can offer:



1) Happily Married Couples Are Less Likely To Experience Major Illness
As far back as 1856, researchers have studied the correlation between a good marriage and a healthier life. According to an article in the New York Times, married couples are less likely to suffer from pneumonia, have surgery, develop cancer or have heart attacks. Further, a study of multiple causes of death in the Netherlands found that in nearly every category, ranging from violent deaths to cancer, single people were at a higher risk than married.



2) A Strong Marriage Leads to Lower Stress
It may not feel like it after an argument, but marriage can actually reduce the hormones in your body that cause stress. A study conducted by the University of Chicago published in the Journal of Stress in August 2010 concluded that those who have a long-term bond, such as marriage or a committed relationship showed a reduced reaction to stress and an alteration to the hormones that cause it. Although marriage itself can be occasionally stressful, it appears that those with a strong bond are actually able to handle outside stressors better than their single counterparts.



3) Being Married Boosts Your Brain
Those who are married also experience a huge mental health boost from a happy relationship, particularly married men. According to a study by Robert M. A. Hirschfeld titled Psychosocial Predictors of Outcome in Depression, “Depression is more prevalent among the unmarried, and the onset of depression is more likely among the unmarried. Studies have also shown a higher cognitive function for committed couples, as well as a highly reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.



4) Married People Live Longer
A 2007 study by the British Office of National Statistics looked into the correlation between being married and longevity with startling results. Not only did they find that those in a committed relationship were more likely to live longer and enjoy better health, but that the mortality rate for single men between 30-59 years of age was two and half times higher than married men. Out of all groups studied, it would appear that widowed men and single mothers fared the worst in health, suffering more chronic conditions than any other group.


While marriage can sometimes be a stressful, bumpy ride, the health benefits are undeniable. By focusing your life on creating a happy, committed relationship for you and your family, you’re ensuring continued good health in your home for now and the future.

Writer Melanie Fleury is happily married with four kids and believes that marriage has long lasting benefits. If you are in love and prepared for the commitment of marriage, it can be a wonderful step in your life. Start your journey with a visit or online search of the L.A. jewelry district when you decide to take the final plunge.

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