How will the vulnerable be protected from Covid? And other questions

The government has announced the end of all legal Covid restrictions in England, and Scotland has taken similar steps.

Here are some of your questions on the changes:

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Testing and vaccines

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  • How is the government going to protect vulnerable children who remain unvaccinated? My son has cystic fibrosis and will now be forced to mix – he has not had any access to vaccination. Nikki Thorbinson

  • My 82-year-old mother is in a care home. Will I still need to fo a Covid test before visiting her? If so, will I be entitled to a free test or will I have to pay? Bob Browning

  • How will we detect and identify new variants quickly in the general population when symptomatic testing will only continue for the vulnerable? David Lloyd

  • Is it still compulsory to wear face masks when entering GP practices? Trevor Fish

  • Will patients still have to test before going into hospital for an operation? Sue Halliwell

End of Testing and vaccines

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