Shopping Finds! :Soap made from herbs, clean water

Kiyota Higa / Yomiuri Shimbun CorrespondentTAIPEI—In Taiwan, where pharmacies specializing in Chinese herbal medicine are easily spotted on the street, soap made from materials that include Chinese herbal medicine is popular among health-conscious women.


Soap made by Yuan Workshop Co., a cosmetic maker in Xinbei or New Taipei, in northern Taiwan, is the most popular. The soap, made using clean water from Yangmingshan, a beauty spot in the suburbs of Taipei, and organic medicinal herbs, is highly esteemed.


The company’s Wild Mugwort Soap is a very popular product, selling about 100,000 pieces annually. The soap is believed to have bactericidal action and is effective for pimples. Although the price is slightly high, as a cake of soap costs 300 Taiwan dollars (about ¥1,050), the company intends to continue producing it by hand, as the delicate herbal components could be damaged if it is made by machine.


The founder of the company, who had been troubled by a skin allergy, established the company nine years ago, combining business and health improvement. There are more than 10 directly managed stores in the country.


Michonne Chiu, 40, manager of the company’s Danshui shop in Xinbei, touted the merits of the soap by showing her own beautiful skin. “I use our company’s soap every day,” she said.

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