Accidents, Injuries and Physical Therapy

Being injured in a car accident will require you to take certain steps if you want to heal as quickly and effectively as possible. Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of injuries that occur after a traffic incident, so it is necessary to consult with your physician to determine exactly what type of treatment program you should follow and how long it will last. As long as you stick to these guidelines, you should be able to bounce back from most accident injuries relatively quickly.

Common Injuries and the Healing Timeline

1. Whiplash – This neck injury is the most common thing that people experience after being involved in a car accident, and it will typically be resolved within six weeks with the proper treatment. In most cases, whiplash patients will utilize a combination of ice and heat, and they may also be required to wear a neck brace for a short period of time. Although it is very rare, it is also possible that you could require surgery as a result of whiplash.

2. Back Injury – It is difficult to provide a timeline for treatment on a back injury because there are so many different variables that can impact this problem. However, acute back pain is categorized as something that will heal within four to six weeks, and chronic back pain is a persistent condition that lasts from three to six months. Treatment programs for a back injury include rest, medication, physical therapy, cortisone shots and surgery. Gentle stretching twice a day is also recommended in almost every case.

3. Knee and Leg Injuries – The seated position that accompanies being inside a vehicle can lead to leg and knee injuries ranging from simple contusions to multiple fractures. Additionally, some people experience a meniscus tear in one or both of their knees due to abrupt turning or twisting. A minor meniscus tear can heal with rest within three weeks, but a moderate or severe tear can take much longer and could require the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon. If your leg becomes fractured, you will probably require at least four months of healing time and physical therapy before you will be 100 percent better.

4. Foot Fracture – Recovering from a foot fracture can take three to 10 weeks depending on your age and the severity of the injury. Most of these fractures will heal without surgery, but it might be necessary to have screws, pens or plates put in place. Most patients suffering from this issue will be given a cast or a walking boot, and they might also need crutches to help keep weight off of the afflicted area.

Sadly, these injuries are often just as expensive as they are painful. Due to this, it is best to contact a local personal injury attorney if someone else was responsible for the accident. Also make sure not to hesitate to seek medical attention as some injuries may not cause pain till later. 

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Writer Melanie Fleury has been in accidents and knows how important it is to seek immediate medical attention and immediate representation if you are injured due to someone else’s mistake. As she learned from, it is important to allow an attorney to deal with your case so that you can focus on your health.
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