Happy, Healthy, Home: Clean and Organized



Once you understand the importance of an organized, simple, clean, and happy home and have taken the right steps to have your home be a place of peace, you won’t want it to change. It’s far too easy for people to slide back into their old habits of being messy after a few weeks, so by following some of the steps below, you can ensure that your home is always happy, healthy, clean and organized.


Home Cleaning


Cleaning your home regularly is a must. It’s not always easy to clean every single day when you have a busy lifestyle; however, if you stay on a schedule and clean a different room in your home every couple of days, and if you perform a “clean sweep” every night before you go to bed, your home will be clean with a small amount of effort.


Staying Organized


As you buy and accumulate new things in your home, make sure you have a process of regularly tossing and donating the things you no longer use, or no longer fit with your current style. Make sure everything in your house has a ‘home’, so that you can quickly put things away and find them easily.


Hiring a Helper


Hiring someone to help clean your house once a week, or even twice a month, is a big help. You won’t feel that you’re alone in your effort to have a happy, clean home, and it makes cleaning on the other days a lot easier. The experts at Maid Brigade recommend deep cleaning once a month, and offer reasonable prices for expert work.


Creating Some Peaceful Zones


Having a peaceful place in your home is like having a safe haven from the outside world. If you don’t have a quiet space, create one. Find a place for meditation or to writing , or your yoga cool down. You could even add a home spa to the bathroom. Think of somewhere you consider an ideal vacation place, and see if you can re-create that space in your home, to one that is more relaxing.


Avoiding the Phone


Do you find that your leisure time, dinner time and conversations with others are often interrupted by the phone? It’s important to have peace and quality time with your family in the evenings when everyone’s schedule slows down; so allow your phone to go to voice-mail or the answering machine. It might be hard at first to not pick up the phone when you are home, but soon you will see how much stress goes away when you don’t have to stop family time and answer the phone.


Having a happy and healthy home isn’t hard at all with a bit of help and some organization. Make your home be the place that you enjoy going to after a hard day of work, and enjoy the peace and relaxation that comes from being clean and organized.

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