Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion Spoiler: Sundy Carter’s family attack Draya Michele? John Salley confirms Draya gave black eye NOT Malaysia Pargo, Dishes on reunion show


Basketball Wives of L.A. reunion host John Salley he saw actual footage of the fight between Draya Michele and co-star, Sundy Carter and says that Malaysia Pargo did not hit Carter after she tweeted that she was hit by Pargo on twitter.


In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Salley said he saw the unedited version of the huge reality show fight and confirmed that Michele was the one who actually gave the Carter the black eye, “I saw the full joint. I was straight up Draya,” he said. “Sundy’s mom and sister have the video on their phone when she as being held and pulled away and Draya slipped around and socked her in the eye, and so they got who socked her in the eye.”


Recently, Carter revealed Michele did not give her a black eye and claims that she was knocked in the face by co-star Malaysia Pargo during the episode 6 brawl.


While Michele bragged about giving Carter the black eye during the infamous fight on twitter, Carter lashed back claiming that she was punched by Pargo when she was retrained.


“@Drayaface got her a*s whipped bottom line @MalaysiaPargo hit me while I was held f*ck y’all 4 coming on my page this early abt stupid sh*t,” Sundy tweeted. “Well @MalaysiaPargo then she got the message & knows what she did u ain’t low passed off that good old gold cuff & snuck me take ya credit.”



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