Your Week in Viral Videos: Minivan vs. cement truck


There are a lot of things you don’t want to see on the road while you are driving.


Somewhere near, say, the top of that list is the grill of an overturned cement truck coming directly at you.


The most stunning thing about this is not that a cement truck driver thought it was a good idea to run a red light, but just how well the minivan it crashed into held up. If you’re looking for a safe car for your family, the Toyota Siena is looking really good right about now.


The video is mostly b-roll, so after the first 10 seconds, skip ahead to the 1:35 mark for the explanation from the minivan’s driver who is laughing – yes, laughing – while he tells the story of how he survived being attacked by a cement truck.

Bow to your opponent

Judo, or whatever these two girls are trying to perform, has never been so funny. This isn’t so much fighting as it is falling on the ground, and it’s less of a competition than it is a series of hugs.


One day these girls will probably be judo masters who know 20 ways to kill you just using their thumbs, but right now all they know is how to do is bow.


They don’t know when to bow, how often to bow or how to bow properly, as the tumble at the 1:24 mark shows, but it’s a start.

Dance party with dad

Dolls, dancing and terrible music are all annoying, and it’s all one dad can do to tolerate his daughter’s antics.


Actually, his bored reactions are all for show, and it worked because 2.5 million people have watched his Vine compilation in less than a week.


The daughter dancing in the background is cute, but did the music really need to be so terrible? Ah, kids these days don’t know anything about taste. Or maybe it’s just girls? Dad’s hoping to answer that question in the future.

I now ‘parlando’ you …

Who surprises a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony? A priest who sings.


Everybody is looking for something to set their wedding apart from everyone else’s, despite the fact that all weddings are essentially the same thing. There’s a wrong way to do it, like the San Francisco power couple who think their wedding is going to overtake the next James Bond movie at the box office, and there’s a right way to do it, like the people who wrote new lyrics to a familiar religious song and asked a priest to belt them out a few seconds away from the  “I dos.”

Animal of the week

What do you get when you cross a goat and a sheep? A geep and an Irish farmer you can’t understand.


The geep (pronounced with a hard G sound, as in golf) is rare because most die before they are born and are usually born sterile. However, the little dude the Irish Farmer’s Journal found out about is doing fine.


Usually this type of hybrid is done intentionally, but this one was by accident, according to the farmer who said he will keep the creature unless it becomes a nuisance. If the little animal and the farmer’s speech aren’t entertaining enough, look at YouTube’s transcript of the video. It has no idea what the guy is saying.

More stuff for when you’re bored

The Milwaukee Brewers have a lot to be excited about. They have an eight-game winning streak, an undefeated record on the road, are up three games in the National League Central and their star slugger hit three home runs despite people screaming “cheater” when he bats. No wonder they’re Happy. (By the way, Bob Uecker playing the trumpet needs to be made into a .gif yesterday.)


Welcome to Base Running 101. Today we’re going to learn why you always freeze on a line drive and never tag up on a short fly to the outfield. Today’s lesson is courtesy of the elusive 9-3-2 triple play.


If you’re having trouble explaining the significance of Connecticut’s win over Kentucky for the national championship, let the Taiwanese animators take a shot at it. You may not recall the Kentucky player who had his arms ripped off while going for a dunk or the use of automatic weapons, but those things definitely happened. If nothing else, watch for the epic way the net gets cut down. (WARNING: There is blood, but still no foul.)


When leaning up against an opening on the side of a boat, don’t assume a random cable will support your weight.


Cats are evil. Lucky for us, however, they’re only evil in an unroll-the-toilet-paper way. But there may be hope yet, because at least one member of the species has the common decency to roll it back up.


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