Dog Rescued from Owner’s Suicide Attempt Goes Missing



According to a report, the dog bit a police officer and ran away after her owner stepped down from the edge of the George Washington Bridge last week.


A Chihuahua that was rescued when her owner attempted to jump off the George Washington Bridge clutching the dog in her arms last week is now missing, reported.


As reported at the time, the dog was handed over to a Port Authority police officer when a passerby coerced
her owner down from the bridge. However, the dog, Edith, bit the officer and then ran away, the updated report said.


Police initially sad the dog was returned to family members, but said that report was confused, likely due to the
complicated sequence of events on the GWB last Friday, the report said.



About a minute before Edith’s owner was stopped from jumping off the bridge, cops responded to a successful suicide jump from the other side of the bridge, reports said. Edith’s family members told that they have been searching for the dog ever since. She is brown with a white spot on her head, weighs seven pounds, and has been registered with a microchip, the report said.


Edith’s owner, a woman from Pequannock, was stopped from jumping by a Westwood man driving by while she was stepping over the edge of the bridge, reports said. The woman, who was found to be in possession of heroin at the time of her attempted suicide, is still in a psychiatric facility, the report said.


The officer Edith bit was treated for a minor injury, the report said.

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