CIL paint website and app, both free | or iTunes store

Eggs are not just for Easter — just ask the pagans who believed them to be symbols of spring. So it’s not too late to grab a set of these colourful Le Creuset egg cups. The set of six comes in signature colours: Cherry, Flame, Soleil, Marseille, Cassis and new for 2014, Palm. Crafted from the same premium stoneware as the company’s famous cookware, the impermeable enamel resists stains and scratches, and cradles your soft-boiled delights in style. A bit of an investment, but a potential family heirloom.



A survey by Canadian company CIL identified choosing the right paint colour as one of the biggest home-decorating challenges, so the company has launched a new website that makes it easier. Based on a model home concept, the website allows visitors to view dozens of room settings, each featuring a different wall colour. “Although people have relied on paint chips to help them make colour selections for decades, it’s very difficult to envision how the chip they’re holding in the palm of their hand will look on the entire length of a wall,” said Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL paint [Note] Goldman said [/NOTE] . A visualizer tool allows you to see different colour combinations or upload photos of your home, save your colour choices in a project folder and share them through social media, an option also available on the free iPad app CIL Simply Beautiful Colour Studio. CIL paint website and app, both free | or iTunes store


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