Local Woman Fights to Get Back Up On Her Feet Again



What started out as a fun day skiing at Grand Targhee with friends, ended with Jocelyn being flown by helicopter to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.


“We were in costumes so, she had on like a fat suit with a bikini and stuff so it was just kind of wild, because we were having such a great time and I had to watch them cut the fat suit off her and it was just kind of a bad dream or something,” says Justin Adams, Jocelyn’s boyfriend.


Justin says that Jocelyn has been very active in skiing, climbing, horse jumping, water skiing, and wake boarding and is currently on ski patrol at Pebble Creek.


“If she wasn’t as strong and you know bone density and how tough she is, she would have been probably gone,” added Adams.


Jocelyn’s strength though didn’t keep her from being injured in the accident. She sustained a broken neck and hip.


“This is very hard on her. She is just not used to being tied down,” says Adams.


Justin says he wants everyone to know what a great spirit Jocelyn has.


“Just because she is so great and she is not selfish at all. She would do anything for anybody, and she did so much for me, and she has so many friends. I can’t keep up with the people calling and texting and Facebooking, and I can’t even keep up. There is so many people that love her and she was worried about her patients, because she couldn’t go to work and she was really concerned that she couldn’t help her patients. She is just an amazing girl,” concluded Adams.


The community can help by donating money for medical and travel expenses through GOFUNDME.COM or you can donate to an account set up for Jocelyn Judd at the Bank of Idaho.

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