The Five Most Common Causes of Bicycle Injuries and Accidents


By Rianne Hunter


Bicycle accidents have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. The use of smartphones has resulted in distracted riding on the road. In addition, pedestrians also frequently use smartphones and fail to see oncoming bicycles. The use of smartphones is one of the major contributing causes of bike accidents in the U.S. Bike riders, car drivers and pedestrians should be aware of the contributing causes of bike accidents and avoid them at all costs. Here are some of the common causes of bicycle accidents that may also be prevented.


1. A failure to see a cyclist.


Drivers and pedestrians on the road are frequently distracted by loud music, talking on a smartphone, texting or surfing the web. If a pedestrian is walking near a bike lane, he or she needs to be aware of approaching cyclists. Car drivers should also refrain from using smartphones while driving.


2. Riding on the wrong side of the road.


A cyclist may get into an accident if he or she is riding on the wrong side of the road. Before cyclists use public roads and highways, they should be familiar with traffic laws. Driving on the left side of the road could put a bike rider at risk for being involved in a serious accident.


3. Ramming into a car driver’s door.


In major commuter cities like Chicago, cyclists frequently run the risk of riding into an opening door. Bike lanes may be placed near traffic lanes, and a cyclist may not see that a pedestrian is about to exist his or her vehicle. Cyclists should try to avoid the use of bike lanes that are near major commuter areas of a city. They should also be aware of any drivers or passengers who are exiting vehicles.


4. Blocking bicycle lanes.


Drivers may be unfamiliar with the rights that a cyclist has to use a road. They may unwittingly block cyclist lanes. A cyclist may ram into a vehicle and become seriously injured as a result. Drivers need to be cautious when they park on the side of a road and ensure that they are not blocking a bike lane.


5. Making a turn into oncoming traffic.


New bike riders may not be aware of the risks of riding in traffic areas. They may accidentally make a left-turn and be hit with oncoming traffic.


These common causes of bike accidents may be prevented with cautious and careful behavior on the roads. Drivers, pedestrians and cycles all need to exercise due care in using public roads, bike lanes and sidewalks. Bicyclists who were injured by the actions or neglect of others should consider exploring their rights with a legal professional such as Eric Harron, attorney to personal injury victims.

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