Figure skating finale and wrap-up



The Castlegar Skating Club has witnessed a fantastic 2013-2014 season. Rachel Stewart was welcomed to the club as a coach, along with returning coaches Andrea Poznikoff and Sabrina Hinson. Rachel brings 17 years of experience with her in a new adventure with this club.  Sabrina has been with the club for eight years and Andrea is just beginning her career as an NCCP trained coach.


Skaters’ achievements were celebrated at the Year End Wind-Up dinner at the Castlegar Golf Course Restaurant on April 3, 2014. Brian from the Golf Course Restaurant created a delicious Greek-style buffet that was enjoyed by coaches, skaters and parents.


This season, Castlegar Skating Club STARSkaters passed 42 Skate Canada tests that were taken at four different test days throughout the Kootenays. Eight of our 19 members competed at two local competitions and collected many awards. The West Kootenay Invitational Competition in Rossland and the Kootenay Championships Competition in Beaver Valley. Some skaters are still attending a spring skate at Beaver Valley Spring School.


The Castlegar Skating Club presents special awards each year to skaters who achieve special milestones or ‘stand out’ in specific categories. This year, the STARSkaters received the following awards:


•Preliminary STARSkater of the Year:  presented to Jordan Singer. This is awarded to a skater competing in the current  STAR1 level or those who have finished CanSkate badges and are working on the STAR badges.


•Intermediate STARSkater of the Year:  presented to Allison Soukeroff. This is awarded to a skater competing in the current STAR2 or STAR3 category/level.


• Senior STARSkater of the Year: presented to Megan Cousins. This is awarded to a skater competing or working at the STAR 4 or STAR5 category/level.


• Most Dedicated:  presented to Zoey Crockart. This is awarded to a skater who is fulfilling time on the ice in a positive, conscientious manner with a positive regard for Skating.


• Congeniality: presented to Sarah Cousins. This is awarded to a skater who has a good rapport with coaches, other skaters, parents, executive, competitors from other clubs and also shows sportsmanship and support, both on and off the Ice.


• Program Assistant of the year: presented to Tara Gleboff. This is awarded to a skater who volunteers to help during CanSkate (learn to skate program), consistently shows up with a great attitude and willingness to help CanSkate members improve their skating skills.


• Artistic Award: presented to Candice Soukeroff.  This is awarded to a skater competing in the Interpretive category at any level.


• Best All Around : presented to Annika Cheveldave.  This award generally encompasses someone who is: dedicated, improved, has taken tests, attended competitions, been a great P.A., exhibited sportsmanship and congeniality.


Congratulations to all STARSkaters for their achievements this season.  Awards are presented to skaters who stand out in certain areas. The Castlegar Skating Club and its members are proud of each and every member. All skaters stand out in their own way.


Registration for the 2014-2015 skating season will be open soon. If you have any questions or would like to join our club, please call Kim Klashinsky at 250-365-6144 for more information.

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