Outdoor Fest Gears People Up for Spring Activities


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- The first Western Slope Outdoor Festival was held at Kannah Creek Brewery on Sunday.


Spring weather is here, which means outdoor sporting has finally arrived. That’s what this festival was all about.


“There’s everything from bikes to rafts to disc golf’s to kayaks. There’s such a wide array of different types of items for different people,” said Kaitlin Lubeley, Marketing Coordinator at Kannah Creek.


More than 15 vendors were at the event to help gear people up for outdoor activities. All of the vendors were from local businesses.


“We see a lot of people who shop online and get a lot of stuff online lately; especially this generation. I like to keep our money local and why shop online when you can get somebody from a professional here,” said Britton Crone, Owner of Parodox promotions.


It wasn’t just about shopping. This festival provided live music, some burger grilling and kannah Creeks award winning beer.


“I think it’s just a really good way to spend your Sunday afternoon. You can come out; have a Beer while you shop around and look for some outdoor gear. The prices will probably be really, really good. Then you are also helping local businesses and local people. So, why not,” added Kaitlin.


For both adults and kids, this outdoor fest was a celebration of the warmer weather ahead of the Western Slope.

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