Choosing a Pet: 5 Reasons Why Pets Make you Healthier and Happier


By Erika Remmington 


Pets are wonderful additions to your family, and they have a way of being good for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. From the youngest member of your family to the oldest, a pet will bring everyone a special kind of joy. There are many reasons that pet ownership is linked to their owners having healthier and happier lives.



1. Increased Physical Activity


There is nothing that will get your children out from in front of their video games faster than a pet to play with. Whether it be chasing after a rabbit or guinea pig or dragging a cat toy filled with catnip for a cat to chase, everyone will be getting more exercise and having fun doing it. A dog is especially good for this function as they are infinitely known for their inability to deny an opportunity to go on a walk or run with you. Seeing your eager dog with harness in mouth, tail wagging, can be a heart pricking motivation to go for a cardiovascular bout at your own pace.



2. Better Social Skills


If you have a shy child or an elderly relative who has withdrawn from society, then the addition of a pet has the incredible ability to help with both of these situations. A pet is a natural draw for other children, and your shy child will come out of his shell when he gets caught up talking to other children about his wonderful pet. Older people will have a reason to get out and socialize again when they meet like-minded people while walking their pet or at the veterinarian’s office.



3. Improved Mental and Emotional Health


According to the American Heart Association, playing with any pet can cause an elevation in levels of both dopamine and serotonin, which lead to a more calm and relaxed mood. Pets owners are also far less likely to suffer from depressive disorders than non-pet owners. If a loved one is lost, a dog can be one of the best emotional supports.



4. Better Physical Health


Also according to the American Heart Association, pet owners are more likely to deal better with stress in difficult situations and, as a result, have lower blood pressure. They also tend to have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which leads to a lower risk of heart disease.



5. Structure and Routine


Many people find themselves wandering through life with no clear direction. A pet can bring order to your life as you become responsible for the health and well-being of another living creature. Just knowing something helpless is completely dependent upon you can be what you need to get routine and discipline in your life, which will lead you to a more successful direction overall.


Adopt a pet from a reputable rescue today, and you will be saving a life while enriching your own. Be sure you are ready for the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, and then pick out a pet that will be just right for you and your family. Be good to your pet and it will return the favor to you with loyalty and love for its entire life.

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