Juggling Festival

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By Robert Bernstein



Last weekend people came from far and wide to attend the 38th Annual Isla Vista Juggling Festival at UCSB and Isla Vista! The longest-running juggling festival in the world!


The highlight of the Festival is the Public Show.


But all weekend long people juggled and unicycled in Robertson Gym at UCSB. There were workshops to learn new skills and total beginners were welcome, too!


Chilla Vista was happening at the same time on Saturday in Anisq’Oyo’ Park in Isla Vista. So, the UCSB Unicycle Tribe was over there demonstrating unicycle gladiator battling!


People do stunts in Robertson Gym that you will never see in a circus or in other public performances. In particular, juggling large numbers of objects. The San Luis Obispo unicyclists initiated rarely seen games, including basketball,
played on unicycles!


But the highlight is still the public show at the Girvetz Theater which raised money for the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. This entire event and fund raising is in honor of Isla Vista juggler Patty Laney who was raped and murdered
back in the 1970s.


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