Ways to Reduce the Age You Feel and Look Younger

There are some things you can change as you get older, and that’s the age you feel, while there’s not much you can do about the age you actually are. Feeling younger than your biological age is a reality if the way you live takes account of your wellness.

Where to Start

Experts say that once we reach our 20s our bodies can start to change in relation to the ageing process – which can sound very young to be thinking about ageing. Being aware of this and how your wellbeing can change over time can be motivating when it comes to anti-ageing activities. Although we may not notice the signs of ageing in our 20s, cells are not so concerned with helping us grow as we have reached adulthood. As the decades progress, hormone levels drop and our muscles may not feel as strong and we tend to tire more quickly as our cells need to work harder. Healthy living routines can counteract all these effects, and even if you don’t start in your 20s, but your 50s, you’ll still benefit your wellbeing.

Daily Routines

A good reason to start exercise and healthy eating routines in your 20s is that it’s easier to build on activity you do already, rather than start from scratch decades later, but it’s never too late! Start by increasing your activity in the day, like walking to local shops rather than driving, or gardening for longer. As you feel fitter, schedule time for daily exercise like walking, or gentle jogging and build on this. Increase fruit and green, leafy vegetables in your diet and even the occasional glass of wine could benefit your health. The drink has been found to contain ingredients that seem to have an anti-ageing effect on cells. Resveratrol and grape seed extract occur naturally in red wine and help cells defend and repair themselves from damage.

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