Eye Care 101: Warning Signs Of Disease You Should Look Out For

Eye diseases tend to be insidious, which means that by the time you notice that something is wrong with your vision, the disease has progressed so far that it may or may not be possible to reverse it. Here are some warning signs of eye disease that you should look out for to prevent and treat the problem for the best outcome:

Halos Around Lights
Halos around lights can be signs that cataracts are developing. Cataracts are the result of the lens of the eye clouding over and are a major cause of blindness. Because many people only see this as a minor inconvenience, they don’t get proper treatment in time. Visit your optometrist at the first sign of seeing halos around lights.

Dimming of Colour Vision
This is a sign of a cataract forming or macular degeneration. Macular degeneration happens when the macula, or the tissue at the back of the eye, starts to break down. The macula is in the center of the back part of the retina, so when it starts to break down you can still have peripheral vision. Another sign of macular degeneration is what seems to be a hole in the center of the field of vision or broken lines where straight lines are supposed to be.

Flashes of Light
Flashes of light can be precursors of a migraine headache, or they can be a warning of the retina becoming detached. This is especially true if the flashes of light are accompanied by a loss or dimming of your peripheral vision.

These are the tiny bits of gel that float in the field of vision when you achieve middle age. They’re caused when the vitreous gel in the eyeball starts to deteriorate due to age. Usually, they’re harmless. However, if you suddenly experience swarms of them along with flashes of light, you should see your eye doctor right away. This can also be the sign of a torn retina.

Vague Sense of Pressure in Eye
Glaucoma is a notorious eye disease that causes no symptoms until the person’s vision is irreparably impaired. The eye is damaged because aqueous humor in the eye builds up and puts pressure on the inner eye. This damages the optic nerve. The one way to guard against glaucoma is to have regular eye exams, especially if you’re over age 40. An ophthalmologist can perform tests that catch glaucoma early. He or she can then treat you and save your eyesight.

Sensitivity to Light
Light sensitivity is a symptom iritis, an inflammation of the iris. The iris also looks dull and discolored, and the white of the eye is red. Vision may also be dimmed, and there may be copious tearing.

As can be seen, the signs of some very serious eye diseases can start with signs that are very subtle or indeed nonexistent. That’s why it’s important to visit your eye doctor at least once a year to check for any further signs of disease.

Informational credit to Crowfoot Vision Centre.


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