Look Your Best: How You Can Get Youthful, Healthy Skin

No matter what your age, you want to maintain that youthful, healthy glow you’ve always had. Who doesn’t want to look radiant every day? When you take good care of your skin, it rewards you with a clear complexion and a radiant glow. Follow these tips to maintain your beautiful skin for years to come:

Sleep on Your Back
The first habit you should get into is sleeping on your back. As a side or stomach sleeper, this can be a hard routine to adjust to. However, sleeping on your back is a great way to avoid wrinkles and sagging skin which can be caused by contact with your pillow. While you’re at it, make sure to sleep well and long enough each night. Get into a good routine by setting a bedtime, avoiding naps, and eliminating electronic use one hour before bed. Adequate sleep will give your skin enough time to repair itself, leaving you with a fresh-faced look daily.

Eat the Right Foods
When your sleep is in order, the next step is to evaluate the foods and drinks you put into your body. Believe it or not, your diet plays a huge role in how your skin looks. Avoid alcohol and salty foods, which can leave you skin looking blotchy and puffy. You should also limit sugar intake because it breaks down collagen and elastin in your body. Instead, eat good foods like cooked tomatoes with lycopene to restore your skin. You can even give yourself permission to eat steak, because it helps fight acne and builds collagen at the same time. And sip on green tea to reverse sun damage, prevent moles, and delay wrinkles.

Avoid Sneaky Sun Exposure
We all know it’s best to protect our skin from the sun on beach days or family day trips. But you may experience too much sun duhttp://yourwellness.com/wp-admin/tools.phpring surprisingly benign outings, such as flights or extra-long workouts near a window. These exposures to the sun can add up over time and cause skin damage, so be careful. Wear sunscreen if you feel like you’re getting too much sun.

Work with a Professional Dermatologist
Add appointments with a professional dermatologist to your skincare regimen to maintain your youthful look. A dermatologist in Austin can use special treatments and products to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. A professional may also be able to give you advice on diet, makeup ingredients to avoid, and vitamins.
Follow these easy steps to get more radiant, youthful skin that lasts for years. It can be easily achieved with these simple tips.

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