What are the different ways to cure Insomnia?

The value of the sleep we get affects every other part of our life. The Ancient Greeks were aware of this, and had a deity especially for this purpose! Morpheus was the governor of sleep who watched over their dreams and quality of rest. Sleep is the meeting point of mind, body and soul; the time when all healing and growth takes place. It’s also the time for processing all the experience of waking life.

People who suffer from insomnia suffer a major handicap. Without the essential rest and processing time, how can you face the day ahead? Insomnia is particularly affecting when it becomes a recurrent condition; some sufferers experience it over successive nights, for example. Such a lack of sleep can have a terrible impact on your wellbeing.

Doctors will happily prescribe tranquilisers for insomniacs, but these are unlikely to help you break the cycle, and should be reserved for ‘sleep emergencies’ only. An approach that may fully restore your wellness could be a holistic one; as such, you should pay scrupulous attention to your daily routine and diet.

Eating late at night is a major cause of insomnia. The ancient Chinese said that you should not eat after 7 p.m. as your digestion will be sluggish after this time. Many yoga practitioners also insist that you should eat your last meal of the day before sunset. Sleep should also be a period of fasting, in order for the body to heal itself. When the body’s energy is taken up in digestion, it cannot devote itself to healing; therefore, a small nutritious and easily digestible meal should be taken long before bedtime. It is also important to pay close attention to the nutritional elements of your diet. Avoid stimulating food and especially caffeine. Some people are particularly sensitive to caffeine and might still experience the effects many hours later.

Complementary therapies can make a great addition to your routine, and counteract some of the causes of insomnia. The cause of your sleep problem might be emotional or energetic; in this case energy healing could shift a blockage and help you initiate a new sleep routine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is well worth consulting as it combines acupuncture and ongoing herbal supplements which put your whole system in order. Of course, yoga and meditation are excellent aids to wellbeing and you will reap wonderful rewards from regular practice. The repeated practice of meditation helps you develop the ability to stop your own thought processes and with this ability you will be better able to consciously induce your own relaxation.

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