How to Maintain your Chakras with Reiki and other techniques

The ancient Indian chakra system is a popular tool with which to balance your state of wellbeing. Imbalance in the Chakras is said to lead to various emotional and physical problems, which can be treated with complementary medicine. When energy flows through your chakras without obstruction, you can benefit from a sense of bliss and wellness that will spread throughout your life.

Complementary therapies such as Reiki and Hatha Yoga aim to balance the chakras, and a good therapist will know exactly which of your chakras is blocked. While therapists can help you to release blockages, you yourself can achieve an ongoing state of balance with these lifestyle tips:

Be present – mindfulness is the key to wellbeing. Staying present with each moment will help vital energy flow through the whole chakra system.

Spend time in nature – this aids your sense of being grounded (Root Chakra) as well as your connection to the higher realm (Crown Chakra).

Breathe deeply – deep breathing along with chest opening exercises allow a full flow of vital energy through the Heart Chakra.

Colour therapy – keep a full rainbow of colours in your life. Why not visit gardens and forest to appreciate the colours of nature, while gaining all the benefits of the outdoors at the same time.

Variety of music and vibrations – listen to all different types of music; the experience of different emotional tones will support different chakras. You could also try toning the chakras with the vibrations of your own voice. Chanting, especially the Yogic syllable ‘Aum’ is perfect for this.

Drink lots of water – this has an excellent de-toxing effect on the body and will continually flush out toxins that may be weighing down your chakras.

Conscious lifestyle choices will help you to achieve the optimum flow of vital energy through your system. Good complementary therapists are always available to help you get started, fix your particular problems and advise you further how to live a life of balance.

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