How to Maximise the Flow of Qi in your Home

Feng Shui has long been a favourite subject of wellbeing magazines, and coffee-table books. But how many of us have made a concerted effort to put it into practice in our lives? Everybody knows that our environment determines our sense of wellbeing; we can multiply the effect of this if we arrange our environment according to the Feng Shui complementary system.

Feng Shui is a method of arranging your home to maximise the flow of Qi, or life-force energy. When your home has good Qi, so will your body; if the Qi in your home is stagnant or blocked, your health may suffer. Take the following pointers in adjusting your home’s flow of Qi:

Balance yin and yang elements – it is important to include contrasts in your home – light and dark, activity and relaxation areas.

Avoid causes of negative Qi – the nature surrounding your home should show signs of health and balance. Pylons, sharp objects, dead trees and plants, stagnant ponds and rubbish tips are negative signs!

Clean regularly – spring cleaning helps you connect with your home. Take the opportunity to throw out things you no longer need, because hording is a source of negative Qi.

The entrance – your front door is like the mouth of your home, and the path by which Qi enters. Make sure that it is clean and clear, not blocked by shoes, bikes etc.

Your bedroom – you spend about a third of your life asleep, so the Qi flow in your bedroom should be perfect! Avoid keeping electrical items in your bedroom, as they will interfere with the healthy flow of Qi while you sleep.

Nobody can deny that our environment has a determining effect on our wellness. Why not make use of the ancient system of Feng Shui to bring yours into balance today?

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