How Meditation Supports Those in Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis that many of us have experienced, or witnessed in a loved one. While the diagnosis itself is shattering, it’s the treatments that can really bring the sufferer down. When undergoing chemo- or radio-therapy, it is vital to support the recovery process as much as possible – for this, complementary therapies are an excellent choice.

Undergoing intensive medical treatment will have a big impact on your wellbeing. It is important that your body is boosted as much as possible, in order to help your immune system support the process. Massage and Yoga are excellent tools to help you gain the maximum amount of relaxation when dealing with side effects. Meditation has also come to be highly recommended in this context, and can form the core of a good, supportive wellness programme.

Because there are so may emotional challenges involved with cancer, meditation is a useful skill to learn. When you meditate you direct your attention to a particular mental anchor – it could be a mantra, an image, or simply the sensation of your breath. This repeated redirection of attention helps you to rise above the worries and stress of your experience. Furthermore, the relaxation that results from this practice concentration releases helpful neurochemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. These brain chemicals have an excellent pain-reducing effect. Cultivation of this practice helps strengthen the mind and relax the body, enabling you to face the challenges ahead.

Visualisation practices are also a good form of cancer-fighting therapy. You can anchor your meditation practice in the visualisation of healthy cells growing in the area of immune conflict. Focussing in this way is said to send vital energy to that place in order to help in the fight. Scientific research has supported the possibility that positive immune response can be aided by this practice. The mental benefits of concentration and relaxation will take place whatever you use as your mental anchor, and visualisation is a great way to feel a renewed sense of empowerment over your body.

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