Breaking news: Pacifica police issue wildlife warning after coyote attacks dog

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The Pacifica Police Department has issued a wildlife warning, alerting residents to keep an eye on their pets. A pet dog was attacked and carried off yesterday morning by a coyote in the Park Pacifica area, not far from open space. According to the report, a large coyote hopped a fence into the backyard and made off with the dog.


Pacifica Police Capt. Joe Spanheimer reminds pet owners that wild animals such as coyotes may see domesticated dogs and cats as prey. Fencing your yard could deter but not prevent wildlife from entering your property. Fencing should comply with local ordinances but be at least 6 feet high and extend 6 inches below ground.


Here are a few other important safety reminders to reduce the chance of human-coyote conflicts. This information is provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture:


1. Do not feed coyotes or other wildlife.


2. Eliminate sources of water around your home.


3. If you have bird feeders, make sure they are positioned so other wildlife can’t reach them.


4. Do not discard edible garbage where wildlife can get to it.


5. Secure garbage containers and eliminate garbage odors.


6. Feed pets indoors whenever possible. If you do feed your pets outdoors, pick up any leftovers.


7. Trim any shrubbery so you do not provide hiding cover for wildlife.


8. Don’t leave small children unattended in areas wildlife has been frequenting.


9. Don’t allow pets to run free. Walk your dog on a leash and accompany your pets outside, especially at night.


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