Pembroke fencing company celebrating 30th anniversary

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David Armstrong was in high school when he began mowing lawns around Marshfield for a little spending money. He couldn’t have guessed his after-school landscaping work would grow into one of the predominant fence companies on the South Shore.

Armstrong Fence, located on Route 139 in Pembroke is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


Armstrong began the company in 1984, operating out of the basement of his parents’ house for the first year. Armstrong was able to expand his business with the help of family and friends and set up shop at 1 Church Street in Pembroke, initially renting. In 1994, Armstrong bought the property and has been doing business there for nearly three decades.


Over the years, Armstrong Fence has truly become a family business.


Armstrong’s father, Arthur, who has since passed away, worked for the company as a salesman for 11 years after he retired in 1988. Armstrong’s brother Paul was a part of the business off-and-on for about 15 years as well.


Armstrong said his mother, Claire kept things running smoothly in the 11 years she worked at the business. She managed the company’s finances, answered phones and scheduled calls.


Each of Armstrong’s five children worked for the company at one time or another. His oldest son, David, is a full-time employee today.


Although it is a family affair, Armstrong Fence is also closely tied to the community. The company regularly donates to different local events and organizations.


“I’ve always, since day one, tried to give as much as I possibly could to the surrounding towns and viable charities,” Armstrong said. “We just recently donated all the materials down to the Marshfield veteran’s park.”


In a typical year, Armstrong said he will donate supplies to a few local Boy Scouts for their Eagle Scout project.


“I try to do as much as I can for as many as I can,” Armstrong said.


According to Armstrong, what sets his fence company apart is the high level of expertise and experience in the industry all his employees possess, he said.


“We’ve probably got over 100 years of experience,” between all of his employees, he said.


In fact, six of Armstrong’s current employees have been with the company for 20 years.


After 30 years in the business, Armstrong said he still enjoys his job and is pleased with how far his company has come.


“We create stuff that wasn’t already there,” Armstrong said. “The hope is you’ll leave things looking a little better.”

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