Juggling Jack

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Eight-year-old Jack Brown, of Gettysburg, started playing soccer four years ago and quickly developed a passion for the game.”He sleeps with a ball, he wakes up in the morning and he watches soccer, he reads about it and it’s just always… always something to do about soccer,” says his dad, James Brown.


A former soccer player himself, James loves sharing the sport with his son and often teaches him new skills. But there’s one skill Jack can do better than, well most people. He juggles.


Jack started last October and at that time he could do 10 in a row. He took some time off over the winter and started practicing daily when the weather cleared up. His totals kept getting higher and as the numbers soared so did Jack’s interest.


So on April 1, Jack and James started the Juggle Journal, an online journal track his records. He could do 50 then, his high is now 1,554.


A few weeks after the Juggle Journal started it developed a new purpose. Jack says he was learning about fundraising in school and decided to make the journal a fundraiser.


Together, Jack and James researched worthy organizations and found Charity Ball, an organization that buys soccer balls for children in poverty-stricken communities. For $25, a ball goes into the hands of a child.


Jack and James created a link, set a goal and added both to the online journal. Jack’s goal is to raise $1,500 by August, right now he has raised more than $600. To donate on his behalf, click here.


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