‘Saturday Night Live’ Producer Lorne Michaels Plans ‘Casting Changes’ Going Into New Season Of …

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In a new interview this week with Deadline, comedy television producer Lorne Michaels opened up about the most recent cast changes for Saturday Night Live and how hard it was to lose Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg, and Bill Hader at the same time last season. Unfortunately for the current cast members, Michaels also confirmed that there would be even more changes coming soon before the 2014 – 2015 season of the NBC comedy series.



“We lost four leading men at the end of last season, Fred and Bill and Andy and Jason, all of whom were very seasoned, very strong cast,” Lorne explained. “We lost Kristin the year before. All have been here a long time, and you get used to how good people are.”


Continuing his list of hardships, Lorne mentioned the departure of head writer and Weekly Update host Seth Meyers leaving a huge toll on replacements and the new cast.


Losing the fifth leading man in Seth (in early February) was a hard thing, in the middle of a season, because there’s only one other time in the 39 years that we ever changed Update in the middle of a season,” he said, adding: “[I]n addition to having to focus on launching Jimmy and launching Seth. But SNL, we put a lot of pressure, a lot of new people. It was a hard season.”


Fans of the comedy series definitely had to get used to plenty of new faces, with a young cast filling the void left by the seasoned actors that went on to bigger projects. But not everything is perfect.


When asked if more changes would come, Michaels announced that these new cast members could be in trouble.


“We’re still in the middle of rebuilding,” Lorne said. “So, there will be changes this year.”


Do you think we’ll see some cast members depart by the end of summer? Are you looking forward to new castings? Let us know in the comments section below!



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