Scarlett O’Hara Had Her Tara, Give Your Mom Dogwood Forest

As they age, women in particular can become stronger than ever. For instance, southern women have a tendency to be as strong and resilient as the ultimate and most well known southern belle, Scarlett O’Hara herself. The courage of these women can transcend all types of challenges, from physical and mental to psychological and spiritual.

One of the main reasons that southern women are so identified with being resilient is their connection to and understanding of how their living environment affects them. While the senior women of today may require a bit more help than Scarlett at Tara, their strength can still be honored in a charming environment such as Dogwood Forest in Atlanta, Georgia.

Southern Charm and Gentility

They may be spitfires on the surface, but southern belles also live their lives with the subtle nuances of tradition while exercising good manners. It is the quality of their traditions that remain memorable about them since it is not so much what they do, but how they do it. This is demonstrated not only by a strong sense of spirit, but southern style is also affable and comforting, while remaining luxurious.

There is no doubt that the living space where someone resides will significantly impact the quality of life. Because southern women tend to want to keep their independence, this is why the retirement or assisted living facility that is chosen needs to be created with that in mind. It should include all of the necessary services without being so imposing or intrusive as to unnecessarily restrict these robust women. For instance, the layout and design features should be conducive to ensure senior safety, but also allow for optimum mobility.

Gracious Living

The south is known for thoughtfully designed architectural features and airy interiors with spacious common seating areas. The high, stately ceilings and sprawling exteriors with large wraparound porches make it easy to relax and enjoy social gatherings. As is the tradition in the south, women from that region are known for being particularly hospitable. Therefore, they enjoy every social activity possible, from country club like gatherings to relaxing on the beach.

The many leisure activities at assisted living facilities can rival those of any country club or leisure destination. From spa and salon services to holistic wellness options, residents can choose from a wide variety of options that stimulate and inspire the mind, the body and the spirit on all levels.

To southerners, food feeds the soul. Another hallmark of Dogwood Forest, for instance, is the menu that reflects healthy, yet still vibrant and flavorful fare that assisted living residents would be proud to serve at their own tables.

With courteous, congenial and professionally proficient staff, seniors can live the most fulfilling and enriching lives possible. These important details are also proven to produce the most positive health and wellness benefits for seniors. The type of safe, graceful environment that assisted living facilities offer also help to ensure that cherished and meaningful traditions are honored to create the most vibrant golden years for senior southern belles possible.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger in Atlanta. Dogwood Forest is an assisted living facility close to her home, which offers many amenities for mature southern belles.

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