Is Happiness Something You Can Control?

Many people seek happiness but they don’t really know what to look for – after all, do you really know what would make you happy or are you simply waiting for happiness to find you? Despite what the media and films will have you believe, happiness doesn’t appear by magic. The majority of what people consider to make them happy is down to their personality and behaviour – the latter of these can be changed.  You may have a thought about what you need in your life to be happy, such as wealth or a stress-free life. You may think that being better looking or thinner may help. However, studies show that people who are happy seem to build their lives on certain facets of their lives. These are devoting your time more to family and friends, appreciating what you have in life, maintaining an optimistic outlook, feeling a sense of purpose, and living in the moment. Your choices in life and the actions you make can lead to happiness, meaning you can completely influence how happy you are in life. It may not be as easy as flipping a switch but it does mean that happiness isn’t something reserved only for the lucky.

One concept that studies have shown to be effective is surrounding yourself with happy people – happiness and a positive outlook is infectious, and being around people who are content can lift your own mood. And it’s a cycle, as once you are happy as well, you’ll be giving that mood out to those around you as well. Rely more on friends and family, in helping you to celebrate life’s successes and being there to help you through the more difficult times. This doesn’t mean that you should take your loved ones for granted (these relationships still need nurturing to stay strong) but they are people who care about you, and as such are willing to be there for you as much as you are for them. Buoy your emotional account by giving out kind words and actions, and be careful with criticisms you give to ensure that you don’t hand them out unnecessarily. And let people know that you appreciate them and want them in your life – it’s easy to take people like family for granted because you assume they will always be there, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let them know how much they mean to you. This may be in the form of gratitude, which is more than simply saying thank you for things. It’s a level of thankfulness, absolutely, but also it is a sense of appreciation for you life. It can sometimes take an accident or a serious illness to spark this in people, but we should be more aware of it in everyday life.

Finding your purpose in life can seem easier said than done, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure long-lasting happiness. You should also be more optimistic. It’s also helpful to be more optimistic. It’s not necessary to be constantly uplifted by life – everyone knows that bad things happen and your mood will react accordingly, but being more positive will encourage a better outlook on the good things in your life. Lastly, living in the moment will help you to appreciate the importance of life and how vital it is. This means taking opportunities when they arise, pushing yourself out of your comfort zones, and making choices that improve your lifestyle for the better.

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