How to Improve Your Mental Wellness in Four Fun Steps

You may give a lot of attention to your physical wellness, but what about your mind? Sure, a healthy body is important for preventing health conditions, weight gain and premature ageing, but so is a healthy mind! So, how can you improve your mental wellness?


  • Take things one step at a time.

When you’re stressed out, you may start trying to do too many things at once, as multitasking seems a more efficient way to solve multiple problems. However, multitasking tends to create more problems than it solves, as focusing on one task at a time helps you to see the bigger picture, concentrate and actually be more productive.


  • Be a Positive Influence…on Yourself

It’s common sense that saying nice things about yourself will help you to believe those things and, in turn, feel better, but there’s science to back this up; affirmation strengthens your neural pathways, which improves your self-confidence, wellbeing, and satisfaction. Why not make a list of your good qualities, and keep it tucked in your bag so you can read it when you feel low? At the top of the list, in big, bold letters, write “You don’t have to be perfect.” If there are things about yourself you truly don’t like, don’t wallow in it; be constructive. Set small goals for things you’re going to work on, and reward yourself when you get it right.


  • Change things up

There’s nothing like a new experience to set you on the path to mental fitness. According to the Franklin Institute, breaking out of your routine can help keep your brain young and healthy, as it helps you to see the world in a new way and strengthen your neural pathways. So, find a new place to explore, a new way of doing an old task or even a new restaurant to try.


  • Find a fun, nerdy hobby

Doing fun things that also use logic, reasoning or trivia is a great way build up your brain muscle. Try crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or even pub quizzes if you want something a little more social. Reading is an excellent hobby for your brain, as every word you read (including these ones) forces your brain to process and recall meanings instantly. Plus, reading engages your imagination, encouraging you to picture the scene or hear what the voices sound like (If you don’t believe me, read a Morgan Freeman quote, or any line from Forrest Gump).

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